Difficult Fun

“Bob Last, The Man from Fast. The sound of serious young men. The definer of Post Punk,” says Bill Drummond of the KLF in his memoir 45. Jon Savage writes in 1993: “You could say that Fast Product stands at just the point where Postmodernism fully moved into popular culture — a 1979 Harpers & Queen article by po-mo architect Charles Jencks featured Fast Product sleeves — and that all the discussions about packaging, consumerism, etc., were just a prelude to a more intense, reference laden consumption. You could point to the label as containing all the cutting edge elements that would become mainstream styles: new pop, synth pop, rock funk. You could say that for all that period’s speed, wit and passion, that the drive of the media industries was unstoppable: and you would be right.” Here speaks Mr. Fast himself...

Bob Last in conversation with Christopher Roth, originally published by Edition Patrick Frey, initiated and designed by Pascal Alexander.

Paperback, 80 pages, 110×178mm
Printed on Gmund and Munken