Nathalie du Pasquier (born 1957 in France) is a Milan-based artist and designer mostly known for her work as a founding member of the Memphis Group. Her early body of work includes furniture, textiles, clothing designs and jewelry in addition to iconic work in decoration and patterns. Since 1987, she has consistently dedicated herself to painting... and a Swatch.

We’re currently loosing money by sourcing and selling these but since the watch sightings at our local spot consist of 50% Rolex, 15% AP, 15% Omega, 10% Jaeger, 5% Mille and 4% Cartier we realised that’s 1% of the local market left we could sell them to! So if these don’t bring back the family fortune our grandfather lost between Tangier and Hydra then I really don’t know what will.

1993 Swatch Ref. GR114
Artists Series “Fritto Misto” by Nathalie du Pasquier
Model: Gent (34mm)

NOS with original packaging

Sold out for the moment